The Spirits of the OSAKA Workers' Alpine Federation Rescue Team

 Climbing mountain makes us cultivate a worker's brawny body and the brawny spirit and 
make life culture rich ,and at the same time  we consider mountain climbing as 
the required activities which regains indispensable  humanity for us who live in daily labor, 
noise, and pollution Environment .

It was very sorry for us to have lost talented friends which would build tomorrow's society. 
 Furthermore, sadness of the persons concerned and his family cannot be told to language.
The thought which has a breast crushed as a friend, as man whenever we meet with 
the accident has been experienced.

 Although an accident must not be caused by any cases, perfect prevention is impossible.
 Hoping less accident,we formed a mountain rescue team despite poor ability.
 We will work for rescue activities and also for activities of accident prevention.
 We have a watchword "For friend's accident, we do best."
 We want to obtain your deep understanding which loves mountain, and warm support, 
and to fulfill the meaning. 1975.8.31

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